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SME Focused - Boutique Agency

SME constitute to considerable share in Indias GDP, yet the technology adoption rate has a long way to go. A large amount of data is set on paper and through word of mouth for at least the past decade by the SMEs. Our services will be used to establish them in the virtual space with a range of cloud-based applications suitable. We will set up simple digital solutions available at an economical rate.

Select Few Clients - Personalised Service

We choose our projects with care, ensuring that both our client and our creatives and developers will profit and benefit throughout the process. Sixty One Steps is home to small teams of dedicated and talented people, who we value as much as our clients.

Talent Management - Fresh Ideas

We bring in passionate people who wish to put their abilities to good use in the industry, creating a flow of talent through our doors into the professional field. This new stock of talent infuses new perspectives into the creative process that is essential for constant growth and improvement.

Lean Management - Lower Overheads

We are small enough to be notably agile and yet big enough to adapt to clients specific projects and requirements. Our team works on a remote basis allowing lesser spend on the infrastructure of which our client enjoys the benefits by paying us purely for the service rendered instead of paying for other business overheads. We believe in staying small.

Multiple Digital Services - One Agency

We hope to work with brands to create a holistic environment with the appropriate tools and the essential software for new entrepreneurs as well as second-generation business people who are open to using the internet to go digital and thus integrate technology into their business processes and models.

Data Prioritisation and Optimisation

We value data, and it enables learning from errors of the past. This knowledge facilitates predicting patterns, decoding from the massive amounts of data generated from our regular transactions and avoiding blunders in future. We transfer the same practice and principle while handling client accounts. We encourage the clients to save data in one place, digitally and help them map it out and find insights from them.



Arun does not fit the stereotypical role of a digital marketing company’s founding member. Having dropped out of traditional education and starting his career earlier than most others, he still went on to finish his Masters in Marketing from the University of Western Sydney.

Not only does he have theoretical knowledge in the marketing industry, he also started his career as a customer support executive at CSS Corp. He went on exploring different roles across multiple sectors while maintaining the soul of his work in marketing and consulting under brands such as Sify Technologies and IDP Education Australia.

Arun has always shown more than a keen interest to move forward embracing even the latest technology that is yet to hit the market. His passion for technology is only matched by his passion for gaming and learning from gaming.


Kalpana is the appropriate composure that complements the unrestrained energy of Arun at SOS the yin to his yang. Kalpana has always had a great interest in the world of digital arts.

After a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stella Maris College, Chennai and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing & HR) from MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai Kalpana still wanted to work in the creative industry.

But a career in banking and operations at MNCs such as Pearsons Education, Royal Bank of Scotland, and the Bank of America would not allow for such creative opportunities that attracted her attention. With such a traditional backdrop, Kalpana is the other person behind the start-up of SOS.

Haresh Anand

Armed with his everlasting thirst for knowledge, natural communications skill and steadfast attitude towards anything he is involved in makes him the perfect addition to Sixty One Steps as a Customer Experience Consultant based out of Chicago, USA. With vast exposure to interacting with people from all over the globe and excellent interpersonal relations, he does a thorough Job of requirement gathering and delivers accurately.

His education took him to many countries, to name a few; UAE, India, Malaysia, Australia and the USA. He went on to achieve multiple academic achievements in High school (Region/Country Top scorer), college (Biology Award) and University (Peer Mentor and Teaching assistant positions). This meant exposure to various cultures, their incredible unique technological advances and different people with views/opinions. His interest in the gaming world only made his interests in Information technology and communications skyrocket!

Kishore Kumar

Having always been drawn to the world of UI, Kishore had an intense drive to pursue a career in design and development. Entering the digital marketing industry as a senior developer at sixty one steps allowed him to expand his horizons to other developmental roles. He has completed graduation in Computer Science Engineering from SACS (affiliated to Anna University) in 2012.

His core skill sets in terms of software and design skills include Bootstrap, JavaScript Frameworks (Nodejs, Angularjs) and Photoshop. With his excellent logical and reasoning skills, he develops web application in creator tool using Zoho's proprietary language Deluge script.

With experience in working on multiple SaaS (Freshworks, Zoho) and IaaS platforms like AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB), his strength rests in workflow integration between tech stacks. Kishore holds to his credit multiple fully functional responsive websites and Web Apps developments. He is on a long, determined path to learn and explore concepts on SEO and App developments in AWS platforms.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar believes mindfulness at the workplace is key to success - a tenet he lives out through his interests in fitness, travelling, and gaming. He graduated Computer Science Engineering at SIT-Affiliated by Anna University in 2018.

He continually improves his existing knowledge on Php, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Express.js languages for web and app developments with experience on CI/CD processes and pipeline creation utilizing Github & AWS Elastic BeanStalk Services. Arun Kumar is currently working as an Associate Web Developer.

He is always interested in a challenge. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to the most recent success at Sixty One Steps. His passion truly lies in learning the latest technology, engage in Twitch streaming and game development. Reach out to arunkumar@sixtyonesteps.com to connect!

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